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Sable` Tarts with Orange Mascarpone Cream

When we decided to implement necessary precautions to stop the spread of the virus through social distancing, it led to millions of citizens closed within their homes. This then caused a discovery or rediscovery of hobbies, such as cooking old grandma’s recipes. Ingredients such as flour and yeast were being pulled extraordinarily fast from the […]

The Salty of Solo Dolce

How to make yeast at home? “Lievito Madre”

How to make yeast for bread, pizza, and other leavened products at home? The so-called Lievito Madre. If you start dusting an old grandmother’s recipes, you will certainly find the “Lievito Madre” recipe. How you make it? Very simple !!! We only need 2 ingredients and a little patience at the beginning since it needs […]

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