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Ricotta, Almond, and Coffee-flavored Truffles

What do you think of these delicious ricotta truffles with coffee almond flour? I am very happy to have taken this path, that is to carry on this blog, it gives me the opportunity to build something useful for my readers, to be in the company of those people who are alone and this gives […]

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Rigatoni with Ricotta Cream

Rigatoni with ricotta cream is a classic Sicilian dish and represents one of the first simple, genuine dishes first made by the poor and peasants of southern Italy. A very easy to prepare, very good pasta dish due to the creaminess of the ricotta paired with the pecorino cheese, nutmeg, and pepper. It can be […]

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Mini Ricotta Pies – Original Sicilian Recipe

I hope to win you over even more with these MINI RICOTTA PIES. They contain all the essence of my land, from fresh ricotta, to the scent of lemon, with a warm chocolate heart. Sicilian ricotta has been one of the most used and important raw materials on the island for centuries, conditioning the entire Sicilian […]

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