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Rigatoni with Ricotta Cream

Rigatoni with ricotta cream is a classic Sicilian dish and represents one of the first simple, genuine dishes first made by the poor and peasants of southern Italy. A very easy to prepare, very good pasta dish due to the creaminess of the ricotta paired with the pecorino cheese, nutmeg, and pepper. It can be […]

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Pistachio and Ricotta Cake

For my birthday and I wanted to make myself a cake that reminds me a lot, the colors and flavors of my land, Sicily. I chose as ingredients: pistachio as the emblem of Sicily being the only Italian region to produce it, with its unique emerald green and fragrant; ricotta, it is one of the best […]

Cakes and Pies Dessert

Mini Ricotta Pies – Original Sicilian Recipe

I hope to win you over even more with these MINI RICOTTA PIES. They contain all the essence of my land, from fresh ricotta, to the scent of lemon, with a warm chocolate heart. Sicilian ricotta has been one of the most used and important raw materials on the island for centuries, conditioning the entire Sicilian […]

Cakes and Pies Dessert

Blood Orange Honey Drops on the Cake

Today I want to offer you a cake that most embodies my Sicilian origins. A shortcrust pastry that gently wraps a vanilla and citrus flavored cream pastry, which is covered with a thin layer of almond paste made with the honey flavored drops of a blood orange. I really like blood oranges and this morning I woke up with the intention of […]

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