My Aunt Loredana’s Mandarin Pudding

My Aunt Loredana's Mandarin Pudding
Gelo and Pudding

Advertisements Che bonta`!!!😋 This is a recipe inherited from my Aunt Loredana, the Mandarin Pudding, as you may have guessed, is made out of fresh mandarin juice. I like to use seasonal fruits and March is the last good month for orange and mandarin fruits. Do not miss this opportunity to make this masterpiece, soRead more

Pistachio and Pear Cake with Domes

Pistachio and Pear Cake
Pistachio and Pear Cake

Advertisements This Pistachio and Pear Cake with Domes is a fall cake recipe. The bottom is made with a pistachio dacquoise (taken from a recipe  of Luca Montersino). Yesterday evening my kids asked me to make something good, delicious. So I’m thinking and thinking and thinking…. I finally decided on this cake! This dessert reminds me ofRead more