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Sfogliatine with Ricotta and Cherry Tomatoes

The sfogliatine with ricotta and cherry tomatoes are a tasty finger food appetizer to prepare for parties or aperitifs, prepared with puff pastry, a ricotta cream and finally some sweet tomatoes. A non-demanding dinner with friends, with lots of different pizzette, and some tasty sfogliatine to enjoy with a good glass of wine or beer. They are prepared in no […]

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Bigne` with Tiramisu` Mascarpone Cream

If I were to imagine Bigne`with Tiramisu`Mascarpone Cream as a person I would characterize them under “easy-going” because that is the exact feeling you get while baking them. So, you may have noticed, if you are a frequent visitor of this blog, that I already wrote a piece about bigne’s ( or choux pastry) and you may also be […]

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Almond Cake with Modica Chocolate

To prepare this delicious CAKE I used ALMOND flour and a CHOCOLATE that is produced only in MODICA, a small town in Sicily, a beautiful baroque town that in 2002 was included, along with the Val di Noto, in the list of World Heritage Sites of Unesco for its historic center, rich in Baroque architecture. Unlike normal chocolate, the Modica chocolate has […]

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A Birthday Cake for a Friend

Happy Birthday Giulia!!! It is very nice to remember a birthday of a friend and surprise her with an unforgettable and tasty cake, composed of 2 layers of Bavarese (Bavarian) cream, a layer of almonds to symbolize the rebirth, and a layer of vanilla that spreads sweetness, covered by a Frost of berries, to represent the elixir of […]

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