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Italian Green Beans Stewed with Potatoes and Tomatoes

I have eaten this dish for the first time at my in-laws’ house. I don’t know why I never saw this type of Italian Green Beans stewed at my parents’ house, even though my father loved legumes. My father-in-law came home one morning with a big bag full of green beans, potatoes, and tomatoes, my […]

The Salty of Solo Dolce

Calamari Murati – Mother-in-law Recipe

Calamari murati recipe is good plate to make and share with your friends, especially your foodie friends. This recipe was handed down to me by my mother-in-law, and I must say that it is a very tasty dish thanks to the very special ingredients that ensures its success at the table. As some know, most mothers-in-law know how to cook […]

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