Almond Paste Original Recipe

Almond Paste
Almond Paste

Here is the Original Recipe for the Almond Paste. Almond Paste is used to decorate lots of sweets, especially cake. It is widely used in southern Italy, in fact it is originally from Palermo, made for the first time by the nuns of the Martorana Church. One the most famous dessert, the queen of the cakes, the Sicilian Cassata is coveredRead more

Sicilian Sweets with Intense Colors: Martorana Fruits

frutta martorana
Frutta Martorana

Walking through the streets of the Sicilian towns can only be magically attracted by the Sicilian colors and today my attention falls on the Martorana Fruit. The Martorana fruit are desserts made with marzipan and take the form of different types of fruit that are typical of Sicily. Their colors are so intense and true theyRead more