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Snack The Salty of Solo Dolce

Soft Panini al Latte (Milk Rolls)

Today with my children we have prepared the panini al latte (milk rolls), they are small soft buns; they are very addicting and you’re always reaching for more. They are made with flour, milk, and oil. With almost 4 cups of flour 20 rolls are obtained and my children ate them all in 2 hours. […]

The Salty of Solo Dolce

How to make yeast at home? “Lievito Madre”

How to make yeast for bread, pizza, and other leavened products at home? The so-called Lievito Madre. If you start dusting an old grandmother’s recipes, you will certainly find the “Lievito Madre” recipe. How you make it? Very simple !!! We only need 2 ingredients and a little patience at the beginning since it needs […]

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