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Testa di Turco (Castelbuono’s Dessert)

Testa di Turco is a spoon dessert of Castelbuono, an ancient medieval village a few kilometers from Cefalù, in the province of Palermo. Testa di Turco is a dessert consisting of layers of thin fried sheets of pasta dough which are interspersed with milk cream (very similar to Biancomangiare) and an abundant sprinkle of cinnamon. […]

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Bigne` with Tiramisu` Mascarpone Cream

If I were to imagine Bigne`with Tiramisu`Mascarpone Cream as a person I would characterize them under “easy-going” because that is the exact feeling you get while baking them. So, you may have noticed, if you are a frequent visitor of this blog, that I already wrote a piece about bigne’s ( or choux pastry) and you may also be […]

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Sfince di San Giuseppe for Father’s Day

What dessert do you think I am talking about? In Italy the father’s day is celebrated on the 19th of March which is Saint Joseph’s day, the father of Jesus Christ. The tradition that we do in my town, Alcamo, is to eat “Sfinci di San Giuseppe“. But in other parts of Italy they are called: Zeppole di San Giuseppe, Raviole di […]

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Bigne` (Choux pastry)

You may have thought that the bigne` was French, and you are wrong. The recipe is all Italian.😀  The recipe of choux dough was born during Florentine Renaissance court, it migrated to France in the middle of the 1500s because Caterina de’ Medici sent chefs to France for her wedding to Enrico II of Valois. […]

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