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Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Healthy Orange Cookies

If you want to prepare a home-made breakfast for your family, these healthy cookies with orange flavor are for you. Breakfast is the most important moment of the day because it gives us the energy to face a day of work or school. What better choice than to eat delicious homemade cookies? Whether they are crunchy or with a soft heart, accompanying […]

Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Breakfast with Mascarpone and Almond Cookies

These MASCARPONE and ALMOND COOKIES are a great summertime BREAKFAST. I would definitely bring a plate of these andĀ a nice coffeeĀ outside, sitting on my porch. The inspiration for these cookies came from a sleepless night. After multiple attempts to fall asleep, I gave into the circling ideas in my head and I scurried to the kitchen. I was cravingĀ some mascarponeĀ andĀ almond […]


Italian Coffee and a Croissant (Caffe`e Cornetto)

The most common and best recognized ITALIAN  breakfast is a COFFEE and a CROISSANT, or “CAFFE`e CORNETTO“. My children every summer, when they go to Italy to visit their grandmothers, as soon as they get off the plane, they know that the first stop is at a small bar with cappuccino and croissant. The croissant can be stuffed with custard, […]

Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Sfogliatine with Marsala Caramelized Pears

These delicious puff pastries Sfogliatine are very easy to make and are ideal for breakfast and for a mid-day snack. A shell of crunchy puff pastry encloses a delicious filling of caramelized pears with marsala wine. If you adore sweets with puff pastry, you cannot avoid preparing these delicious sweets with fresh fruit, depending on the season you can vary with […]

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