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Apple Focaccia – Genovese Recipe

The apple focaccia is a Genovese specialty, which is prepared simply with thin slices of apples, raisins, pine nuts and the characteristic cheese of that area, whose name is difficult to pronounce, “prescinseua”. It is cow’s milk curd, and it is rather easy to make at home and quite unavailable outside its production area. It […]

Cakes and Pies Dessert

Superb Sponge Cake Recipe (Pan di Spagna)

You need only three ingredients to make the Superb Sponge Cake Recipe ( Pan di Spagna): eggs, flour and sugar. When I was child, one day a week, my grandmother allowed her grandchildren to sleep at her house. For us children it was a big gathering.The next morning for breakfast on the table was a soft Superb Sponge […]

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