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Dessert Gelato

Saturnine Peach Semifreddo (semifreddo alle pesche tabacchiere)

The saturnine peach semifreddo is an amazing spoon dessert, which combines all the goodness of a classic pastry dish with the delicious taste of fresh summer fruit. The origins of the Saturnine Peaches are Chinese. In Italy, it is grown on the slopes of the Etna in Sicily. This type of peach, much sweeter and […]

Dessert Gelato

Strawberry Granita Original Sicilian Recipe

This  GRANITA is a delicious and refreshing little treat. It is a delicious cold dessert made up of water, sugar, and STRAWBERRIES. The granita makes me think of the wonderful and summery days spent in Sicily, with my friends or relatives sitting in a bar tasting the fantastic fruit granita served in transparent glasses and accompanied by the […]

Dessert Gelato

Stracciatella Gelato without Ice Cream Maker

Here is another request of my children: STRACCIATELLA GELATO. Do you remember the delicious bacio gelato published a few days ago? Now get ready for stracciatella ice cream! A creamy gelato enriched with pieces of dark chocolate. The secret of its creaminess, made without an ICE CREAM MAKER, is that it is kept soft in the freezer given the use of condensed […]

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