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Antipasti and Savory Cakes The Salty of Solo Dolce

Savory Peas Cheesecake

Are you looking for a delicious appetizer for an evening to spend with your friends at home? The savory peas cheesecake is more than suitable for these occasions since it can be prepared in advance, it can be left to rest in the fridge and can be decorated just before serving, even last minute!

Antipasti and Savory Cakes Sicilian Street Food Snack The Salty of Solo Dolce

Sfogliatine with Ricotta and Cherry Tomatoes

The sfogliatine with ricotta and cherry tomatoes are a tasty finger food appetizer to prepare for parties or aperitifs, prepared with puff pastry, a ricotta cream and finally some sweet tomatoes. A non-demanding dinner with friends, with lots of different pizzette, and some tasty sfogliatine to enjoy with a good glass of wine or beer. They are prepared in no […]

Antipasti and Savory Cakes Salads and Contorni The Salty of Solo Dolce

Peppers with Onion, Green Olives and a Handful of Parsley

For this recipe you need peppers, onions, green olives, and a handful of chopped parsley. What to make for dinner is always a big problem especially if you didn’t think about it beforehand. Even if you find yourself with the fridge full of ingredients you still don’t know what to make. Now, if you are at home with this situation […]

Antipasti and Savory Cakes Sicilian Street Food The Salty of Solo Dolce

Rustic Savory Pie with Artichokes and Mozzarella

As you could see I use puff pastry both for making desserts but also for making tasty savory pies, like this RUSTIC SAVORY PIE with ARTICHOKES and MOZZARELLA. Try to make it following my recipe and I guarantee you an absolute success with your guests but especially with your children. My children don’t like to eat […]

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