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Almond Semifreddo – Original Sicilian Recipe

The almond semifreddo, also called almond parfait, is a typical Sicilian and more specifically a Palermo sweet ice cream. Based on eggs, cream, and almonds, the semifreddo is decorated with an enchanting pouring of hot chocolate that contrasts well with the semifreddo. This is another dessert that takes me back in time to my childhood. […]

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Easy Lasagna Pasta Recipe

What should we eat for lunch or for dinner today? These days we are all imprisoned at home because of the coronavirus, we are indulging in showing everyone our most delicious and most curious dishes in the various sites of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I am preparing the famous lasagna pasta with béchamel and ragu, an […]

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Pasta and Potatoes, Nonna’s Recipe

Pasta and potatoes is a typical southern Italian dish with very ancient origins. There are several versions of pasta and potatoes, this one that I propose has been handed down to me by my nonna. It is a very tasty recipe, very simple and enriched only by the presence of some cherry tomatoes and a […]

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Pasta with Fried Zucchini (pasta cu la cucuzza fritta)

Pasta with fried zucchini is very easy to prepare summer dish and the characteristic of this dish is that the pasta is seasoned with fried zucchini and with oil that the zucchini release, fried, exclusively extra virgin. In Sicily, it is called “pasta cu la cucuzza fritta“( pasta with fried zucchini). We use a kind of pale […]

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My Mom’s Ragu – Comfort Food

There are foods where if you place them on the table, it can really make a difference. One of these is My Mom’s Ragu. It is that typical Comfort Food, which with its fragrance and flavor, takes you back to the past, evoking images, sensations, and memories. I don’t know if it’s Sicilian or it […]

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