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How to Make Delicious Apple Sfogliatine

These round APPLE SFOGLIATINE are DELICIOUS for a snack or breakfast, prepared with puff pastry and slices of caramelized apple. These sweets are found in Italian bar or pastry shops. If you decide to have breakfast at the bar and not at home, go to the bar for a good Italian coffee and you can choose between a croissant or a […]


Italian Coffee and a Croissant (Caffe`e Cornetto)

The most common and best recognized ITALIAN  breakfast is a COFFEE and a CROISSANT, or “CAFFE`e CORNETTO“. My children every summer, when they go to Italy to visit their grandmothers, as soon as they get off the plane, they know that the first stop is at a small bar with cappuccino and croissant. The croissant can be stuffed with custard, […]

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