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Antipasti and Savory Cakes The Salty of Solo Dolce

Savory Peas Cheesecake

Are you looking for a delicious appetizer for an evening to spend with your friends at home? The savory peas cheesecake is more than suitable for these occasions since it can be prepared in advance, it can be left to rest in the fridge and can be decorated just before serving, even last minute!

Cakes and Pies Dessert

Cheesecake with Ricotta, Mascarpone and White Chocolate

Every year for the birthday parties of my children I push myself to try new cakes and with new creams to stuff them. Last year for the 15th year of my daughter Clelia I made a cake that the guests loved very much, the delicious Marble cake. This year I tried to make a cheesecake […]

Cakes and Pies Dessert

Summer Fruit Cheesecake Recipe: no baking

It is a quick dessert and above all this version of the RECIPE doesn’t need you to have an oven to bake it in, but you should clear some space in your fridge. The presence of all these Fruit makes this CHEESECAKE very light and fresh, just ideal for a hot SUMMER. In summer, especially when it’s humid and the air is […]

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