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Dessert Gelato

Almond Semifreddo – Original Sicilian Recipe

The almond semifreddo, also called almond parfait, is a typical Sicilian and more specifically a Palermo sweet ice cream. Based on eggs, cream, and almonds, the semifreddo is decorated with an enchanting pouring of hot chocolate that contrasts well with the semifreddo. This is another dessert that takes me back in time to my childhood. […]

Cakes and Pies Dessert

Cheesecake with Ricotta, Mascarpone and White Chocolate

Every year for the birthday parties of my children I push myself to try new cakes and with new creams to stuff them. Last year for the 15th year of my daughter Clelia I made a cake that the guests loved very much, the delicious Marble cake. This year I tried to make a cheesecake […]

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