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Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Pistachio Cream-Filled Eclairs

Days ago, I prepared pistachio cream for a dear friend of mine who wanted it as stuffing for her college’s birthday cake. I got some cream left and I thought I would use it by preparing some Eclairs, the beloved French desserts that are also very popular in Italy.  I have prepared bigne`(cream puffs) many […]

Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Small Bites with Cocoa Almond and Pistachio Cream

These cookies are small bites of soft and tasty short-pastry. They are good for your breakfast or afternoon break. The addition of cocoa almond and pistachio creams creates instead a delicious and particularly inviting filling, in fact after having eaten one you cannot resist to take another one.

Creams and Pastes Dessert

Easy Pistachio Cream Recipe

Pistachio Cream is a delight. It is also an easy homemade delicious recipe that can be prepared with simple ingredients, but what will win you over is it’s complex taste and creamy sweetness. It is excellent on bread and perfect for filling your favorite cookies, pies, or desserts; or simply to savor with a spoon every time you want something delicious.

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