Pasta alla Carbonara – Original Italian Recipe

Pasta alla Carbonara - Original Italian Recipe

The original Italian recipe of pasta alla carbonara is prepared with the guanciale (cured pork jowl), egg yolks (1 egg yolk for each diner), a whole egg, grated pecorino, preferably Roman PDO, salt and pepper.

Pasta alla Carbonara - Original Italian Recipe

Avoid the egg being added to the pot until it is on the fire. If the temperature is above 75°C (167°F), in fact, it will be cooked very quickly, thickening and ruining the perfect carbonara.

The recipe does not include any ingredient as onion, garlic or cream.

Pasta alla Carbonara - Original Italian Recipe

Pasta alla carbonara is a typical recipe from Rome and the province.

Regarding the origin of this recipe it is not clear where it may come from, also because there is no trace of this recipe in the old recipe books of Roman cuisine.

Pasta alla carbonara is mentioned for the first time after the liberation of Rome, in 1944, the American soldiers  arrived in Italy, had tried to recreate a dish familiar to them using known ingredients like eggs, guanciale (similar to the bacon) and spaghetti.

Pasta alla Carbonara - Original Italian Recipe

Another thesis, instead, wants that the carbonara was invented by the charcoal burners, who in Roman dialect are called “carbonari”. They prepared it using ingredients that were easy to find and store.

The pasta shapes most used for carbonara pasta are penne and above all spaghetti that keep cooking and mix well with the ingredients.

Pasta alla Carbonara – Original Italian Recipe

Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Course: Main Course
Keyword: amatriciana, bacon, handmade pasta, roma
Servings: 4


  • 350 g spaghetti 12.35 oz
  • 100 g guanciale (cured pork jowl) 3.5 oz
  • 75 g grated Roman Pecorino cheese 5 tbsp
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1 whole egg
  • salt and pepper


  • Cut the guanciale into small pieces.
  • Brown it in a pan.
  • No need for oil, the guanciale is already fat, greasy on its own.
  • Beat the eggs in a bowl, season with pepper and 3/4 of Pecorino, then stir to mix thoroughly.
  • Cook the pasta al dente, drain and sauté in a hot pan to season it well with the fat from the guanciale.
  • Add a little cooking water.
  • Turn off the heat and submerge with the beaten and stirred eggs, continuing to add the rest of the pecorino.
  • Pay attention to the consistency, which must be creamy, but not liquidy
  • Serve, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and..


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