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fresh homemade pasta -local aromas
In order to make about fresh homemade pasta, you must always start from the dough sheet, prepared with eggs and flour.

Pasta is considered, by Italians, to be the main traditional food, both in the north and in the south, as well as being an element of union and an integral part of life.

If you were to go back to ancient trattorias, pasta has always been a dish on the menu, since it could be suitable for Sundays or special holidays.

So, I ask you…

Do you want to leave your guests speechless by your homemade Italian pasta?

Do you want to learn all the tricks for making homemade pasta?

Do you want to learn a real traditional Italian pasta recipe?

Fresh Homemade Pasta-Tortellini

Then I recommend you follow Valeria’s and Benedetta’s courses, two sisters from Rome who together with their family members have created online courses, but are also available in person, which are certainly worth following. Benedetta and Valeria Bianchini are the Co-founders of Local Aromas, a family company specialized in food and wine experiences in Italy. Benedetta is a wine sommelier, an olive oil sommelier, and a professional cheese taster. Valeria is a trained pastry chef. 

They are 100% Made in Italy!

These courses are perfectly executed and at the end of the course, you will have learned all the secrets for how to make pasta, gnocchi, and many other delicious dishes.

For the online courses you can find here: click ⤵

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