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Main Dishes The Salty of Solo Dolce

The Famous “Pasta alla Norma” with “Ricotta Salata”

Pasta alla Norma is one of the most delicious dishes of Sicilian tradition. It combines fresh tomato sauce, small cubes or sliced fried eggplant and is sprinkled with a bit of ricotta salata that makes the dish even more tasty. The pasta is widespread throughout Sicily, and each town has its own pasta alla norma better known by […]

Main Dishes The Salty of Solo Dolce

Pasta e Fagioli ( Pasta Fazool)

“Pasta e fagioli” (Pasta Fazool) is a dish, as you know, which is part of the Italian culinary tradition. A first course with an unmistakable flavor that has its roots in the rural tradition. I will describe the recipe that my mother used to prepare for me, because we don’t have a “pasta e fagioli” […]

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Fried Pizzette – Indelible Memory

Today I have prepared FRIED PIZZETTE for my children.They are an indelible memory of when I was a child and I went to visit my godmother. As you approached the door of my godmother’s house you could smell the frying already,and I began to drool, I couldn’t wait to gorge. She made me find these […]

Main Dishes The Salty of Solo Dolce

Pasta alla Carbonara – Original Italian Recipe

The original Italian recipe of pasta alla carbonara is prepared with the guanciale (cured pork jowl), egg yolks (1 egg yolk for each diner), a whole egg, grated pecorino, preferably Roman PDO, salt and pepper.

Antipasti and Savory Cakes Salads and Contorni The Salty of Solo Dolce

A Light, Healthy Grilled Zucchini Recipe – Zucchine Grigliate

If you are looking for a simple dish, look no further than the delicious GRILLED ZUCCHINI (ZUCCHINE GRIGLIATE). Very easy to prepare, they can be a side dish to meat, fish, or even to a very good potato frittata, my favorite. It is a vegetarian dish, but above all, it is a dish suitable for those who […]

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