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Sfogliatine with Ricotta and Cherry Tomatoes

The sfogliatine with ricotta and cherry tomatoes are a tasty finger food appetizer to prepare for parties or aperitifs, prepared with puff pastry, a ricotta cream and finally some sweet tomatoes. A non-demanding dinner with friends, with lots of different pizzette, and some tasty sfogliatine to enjoy with a good glass of wine or beer. They are prepared in no […]

Sicilian Street Food The Salty of Solo Dolce

Cazzilli or Crocche`- Sicilian Street Food

What are the crocche` or cazzilli?   With the arancine, panelle, sfincione, stigghioli, paninu ca meusa, and many other things, they are part of Sicilian street food. They are potato croquettes  typically an oval and elongated shape, seasoned with parsley. they are cooked in a couple of minutes in abundant of hot oil and are eaten immediately. They must be […]

Sicilian Street Food The Salty of Solo Dolce

Roasted Chestnuts – Le Caldarroste

The Roasted Chestnuts were the first example of “Street Food” in Sicily, but also in other Italian regions. Winter, especially during Christmas, it reminds me of  “ le caldarroste”. You can smell the roasted chestnuts invade the Italian streets. And if you go to Palermo roasted chestnut vendors sell them in “cuoppu” wraps of paper in a shape […]

Sicilian Street Food Snack The Salty of Solo Dolce

My Variation of Sicilian Calzone

Today I strongly advise you to try My Variations of Sicilian Calzone, made with puff pastry.​  For a very quick, delicious dinner, especially if you’re too tired to cook because of the holidays. Or maybe you have some last minute guests. If puff pastry is in your freezer you are in the clear, just flatten it, […]

Sicilian Street Food The Salty of Solo Dolce

Lo Sfincione – Sicilian Homemade Pizza

Dear Friends this week I am in Montreal in Canada and I love this city. I am visiting Pia and Pippo, they are friends of mine but, like me, they are Sicilian. We decided to make “LO SFINCIONE” the SICILIAN PIZZA. In ancient times sfincione was baked at home with “poor” ingredients, made of what you […]

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