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Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Delicious Fried Apple Rings

Today we are talking about a very simple and cheap recipe of countryside origin. Let’s talk about the delicious fried apple rings, ideal for children’s snack. Being a child or a parent in the time of the Coronavirus is certainly not an easy thing. We understand that it is not easy to keep children at […]

Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Ricotta, Almond, and Coffee-flavored Truffles

What do you think of these delicious ricotta truffles with coffee almond flour? I am very happy to have taken this path, that is to carry on this blog, it gives me the opportunity to build something useful for my readers, to be in the company of those people who are alone and this gives […]

Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Sicilian “Sfinci” Recipe

Today I propose one of the oldest recipes which is that of the Sicilian Sfinci: small morsels of leavened dough fried in boiling oil with a sprinkling of granulated sugar and if preferred, a handful of powdered cinnamon. They are so good and you will keep on reaching for more. Like all popular recipes, there […]

Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Pistachio Cream-Filled Eclairs

Days ago, I prepared pistachio cream for a dear friend of mine who wanted it as stuffing for her college’s birthday cake. I got some cream left and I thought I would use it by preparing some Eclairs, the beloved French desserts that are also very popular in Italy.  I have prepared bigne`(cream puffs) many […]

Cookies and Pastries Dessert

The Pignolata and the Carnival in Sicily

A characteristic element of the Palermitan pignolata is the consistency of its fried dough balls, crunchy on the outside and softer on the inside, covered with flavored honey that makes this typical Sicilian dessert irresistible, delicious, unforgettable to your palate. It is a typical dessert of the carnival period, very good and above all easy […]

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