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Homemade “Pasta Brisée” (Pie Dough) – No Eggs

I think everyone knows how to make at home  “Pasta Brisée”  (Pie Dough) because it is one of the easiest recipes to prepare, and this recipe does not include the use of eggs. Today, having nothing prepared for lunch, I immediately thought of preparing a delicious savory pie, so everyone was happy to eat something […]

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Sable` Tarts with Orange Mascarpone Cream

When we decided to implement necessary precautions to stop the spread of the virus through social distancing, it led to millions of citizens closed within their homes. This then caused a discovery or rediscovery of hobbies, such as cooking old grandma’s recipes. Ingredients such as flour and yeast were being pulled extraordinarily fast from the […]

Cookies and Pastries Dessert

Swirls with Mascarpone, Ricotta, and Chocolate Chips

Do they sound appealing? Well, don’t worry they live up to the name! They are puff pastry swirls with mascarpone, ricotta, and chocolate chips. What can I tell you? They are a delight. It is a recipe that I took from an Italian site, Giallo Zafferano, but I added my own touch by adding mascarpone […]

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Banana Bread Biscuits with Chocolate

These banana bread biscuits with chocolate are delicious and perfect for a quick quarantine baking sesh. Contrary to part of its name, it is actually quite chewy and best served warm. They not only excite your tongue but leaves a full, welcoming feeling in everyone’s stomach. A short burst of happiness is needed nowadays, so […]

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