Testa di Turco (Castelbuono’s Dessert)

Testa di Turco (Castelbuono's Dessert)
Testa di Turco (Castelbuono's Dessert)

Advertisements Testa di Turco is a spoon dessert of Castelbuono, an ancient medieval village a few kilometers from Cefalù, in the province of Palermo. Testa di Turco is a dessert consisting of layers of thin fried sheets of pasta dough which are interspersed with milk cream (very similar to Biancomangiare) and an abundant sprinkle ofRead more

An Ancient Dessert: Biancomangiare (Blancmange)

Biancomangiare (Blancmange)
Biancomangiare (Blancmange)

Advertisements Today I propose you, the Biancomangiare an ancient Italian dessert, made specifically in Valle d’Aosta, Sardinia, and Sicily. Do not confuse it with panna cotta even if they are very similar. For the preparation of Biancomangiare (blancmange) there are two versions, one with cow’s milk and the other with almond’s milk, which is the original recipe. You canRead more

My Aunt Loredana’s Mandarin Pudding

My Aunt Loredana's Mandarin Pudding
Gelo and Pudding

Advertisements Che bonta`!!!😋 This is a recipe inherited from my Aunt Loredana, the Mandarin Pudding, as you may have guessed, is made out of fresh mandarin juice. I like to use seasonal fruits and March is the last good month for orange and mandarin fruits. Do not miss this opportunity to make this masterpiece, soRead more

Sicilian Lemon Frost – Gelo di Limone

Sicilian Lemon Frost -Gelo di Limone
Gelo di Limone

Advertisements Frost is a typical dessert of the peasant Sicilians tradition, made with seasonal fruit, during and introduced by the Arab domination.  In these days of stifling heat, the SICILIAN LEMON FROST, a light and refreshing dessert made with water, lemon juice, sugar, and starch, to thicken, could not be missing from the kitchen of Solo-Dolce.Read more