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Blueberry Christmas Cake

Blueberry Christmas Cake is one of my favorite holiday cakes.  Two Pistachio Cake layers with alternating mascarpone cream with fresh blueberries fruit and pastry cream (Crema Pasticcera). I prepared other 3 cakes, that I hope you looked at, 2 Pistachio and Ricotta cakes and my husband’s favorite cake Moka Apricot cake. This blueberry cake is an […]

Cakes and Pies Dessert

Superb Sponge Cake Recipe (Pan di Spagna)

You need only three ingredients to make the Superb Sponge Cake Recipe ( Pan di Spagna): eggs, flour and sugar. When I was child, one day a week, my grandmother allowed her grandchildren to sleep at her house. For us children it was a big gathering.The next morning for breakfast on the table was a soft Superb Sponge […]

Cakes and Pies Dessert

Airfryer Mocha Apricot Cake with Roasted Almonds

Were you expecting for a Christmas recipe like Gingerbread cookies or  how to decorate the Christmas tree or how to spice up your table for Christmas?Well you were wrong! I inherited Mocha Apricot Cake with Roasted Almonds recipe from my husband’s great-aunt. It’s a soft sponge cake stuffed with delicious apricot jam, covered with mocha cream and toasted […]

Cakes and Pies Dessert

The Best Sicilian Watermelon Tart (Crostata di Anguria)

This Sicilian Watermelon Tart (Crostata di Anguria) recipe is the best sicilian summertime recipe, but several of my followers have asked me it, sorry if it arrived late. But here it is, with the sweetness and freshness of melon jelly (Gelo di Melone) and the crunchiness of a shortcrust pastry flavored with lemon essence.

Cakes and Pies Dessert

Pistachio and Pear Cake with Domes

This Pistachio and Pear Cake with Domes is a fall cake recipe. The bottom is made with a pistachio dacquoise (taken from a recipe  of Luca Montersino). Yesterday evening my kids asked me to make something good, delicious. So I’m thinking and thinking and thinking…. I finally decided on this cake! This dessert reminds me of a […]

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