Best Italian Cuisine on the West Coast


Italian cuisine has been and will probably be a big part of my life. And as I happily recognize, this holds true for many other people. There are plenty of Italian cuisine connoisseurs but I would like to redirect your attention to, two very special individuals.    

Julie and Sean

Julie and Sean - Mercata

Julie has been in the restaurant business practically since birth. Her parents owned a pizzeria, and she grew up there. Throughout high school, she waitressed in many different restaurants.

To put herself through college, she first bartended and then managed a bar on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, which she received her bachelor’s degree in business management.

Julie and Sean - Mercata

Julie loves the warm weather and sunshine, so that’s what brought her to Venice Beach, California. She has managed several successful in the Venice Beach area and is now ready to own her own business. Sean and Julie have had a long-distance relationship for several years, eventually resulting in Sean relocating to Venice Beach. Sean attended culinary school and has been working as a head chef in many different restaurants in Philadelphia and now brings his great ideas to the Golden State.

Jean and Sean - Mercata

All the recipes for the food truck are of Sean’s creation. After a successful run with the food truck, they hope to own a storefront restaurant. Both Sean and Julie are of Italian descent.  

Jean and Sean - Mercata



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