About me

About me


Welcome to my fantastic creamy world!

My name is Anna Maria and I have a serious sweet tooth😜.

We are all proud of our country of origin, and you cannot imagine how much I miss it,

I miss the sound of the sea, I miss the taste of the food, I miss the essence of everything. The purpose of this blog is to bring back my “dolci” memories.

The remoteness makes items smaller to the eye and enlarges them for the thought.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

As a child, I dreamt of diving into the sea of cream and ricotta stuffed pastries. Every Sunday I went to buy pastries at my favorite bakery, in Alcamo, Sicily, with my papa`.

About me
A Glimpse of Alcamo – by Rosalba Soresi
About me
Piazza Ciullo – Arch. Gae Aulenti

I remained enchanted by all the delights and promised myself that one day I would learn the wonderful art of sweetness for my children and friends.
I earned a Master’s in Biology in Italy and after I moved to the United States and I started working for some of the best scientific laboratories.
I did not forget my promise to myself, so in my free time, I started to master the art of pastry by looking up to other pastry chefs but always incorporating my old Italian traditions. 

My two children and my husband were the first test tasters and now my friends swarm to get a seat at my table on baking days.

I am Italian, and like all Italians, I love cooking and also talking about Italian cuisine that varies from North to South, from region to region, from city to city of Italy

We, share pastas and pizzas, but each region has its own culinary specialty and this is part of our cultural heritage, our origins, our battles. Every region has its own culinarian culture due to its historical origins.

Umberto Eco (Italian essayist, writer, philosopher and linguist) said that “Meeting Italian cuisine means discovering the abyssal difference, not only of language, but of tastes, mentality, inspiration, sense of humor, attitudes in the face of pain and to death, loquacity or silence, which separate a Venetian from a Sardinian “.

Solo-Dolce aims to describe the relationship of love that every single Italian has with the original cuisine.

From the most ancient recipe, perhaps brought by the Arabic domination to the most modern recipe due to globalization.

From the sweets made from simple ingredients to the modern cake.

Please get in touch and contact me if you have any comments or questions!

Thanks, and Enjoy!❤️

Anna Maria

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